Géraldine Prieur is an interior and furniture designer.

She devoted two years to the History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre. An unrivalled colourist she manages colours with exact and unerring mastery.

Anti-conformist, she arranges and enhances spaces for a demanding clientele won over by her “Unconventional Full Colours” style.

From the sophisticated to the thoroughly graphic, she magically matches different kinds of style. Remote from anything conventionally bourgeois, she turns her clients’ desires into reality.

Audaciously she recreates spaces, invents new processes, imposes her artistic values altruistically and with conviction so as to create l’IMPERTINENCE DU LUXE (UNASHAMED LUXURY), the ROUGE ABSOLU signature.

Géraldine Prieur is descended from an influential 19th century family who frequented and lived in close contact with the worlds of literature, philosophy and art. She identifies with her family roots having inherited from her ancestors the kind of extravagance where ‘Art de Vivre’ predominates.

« Luxury is generous and sensitive to infinite details…
It connects Art and Ethics and becomes useful, no longer without use. »