A graduate of Interior Architecture and Design of the Académie Charpentier – Paris, Géraldine Prieur holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Archeology from the Ecole du Louvre. Following this she obtained a Certificate of Fine Art, Fashion Design & Interior Design, from Hammersmith & West London College – London.

Interior Designer for the Saudi Arabian royal family in 1995, the Kennedy family in New York along with other celebrities in Paris, London and Geneva, she received the “Excellence Design Export – France Qatar 2000”, prize in Doha.

In 2012 Géraldine Prieur created the ROUGE ABSOLU brand.

Her first numbered and stamped furniture collection was presented at the FIAC at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2014 and then at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2015.

Her presence on covers and advertorials in the international press and on social networks makes her one of the most visionary and imaginative Architect-Designers in the world today.

Anti-conformist and audacious, Géraldine Prieur has established herself as a countercurrent in a uniform and featureless era, bringing the IMPERTINENCE OF LUXURY, the hallmark of ROUGE ABSOLU.

Embracing complete freedom of expression, she refuses the norms and brings elegance through a sensual attitude.

She is followed by collectors, architects and amateurs around the world.

Her creed is harmony. Her inspiration is visionary. Her life is guided by UNCONVENTIONAL FULL COLOURS.